Goal of business paper

1) Idea

The goal of the prospective business is to be a leading human resources (HR) consultant that outsources the medical practitioners across the different parts of the world making use of the social media platform and managing their talent and skills for serving the HR needs of the niche segment of non-urban healthcare services providers committed in delivering premier home healthcare and community-based social services.

2) Idea Summary

The company intends to yield the best human resource solutions to the client healthcare institutions not only by helping them locate the right person for the job including the physicians, the medical practitioners, nurses, other healthcare staff members but to yield solutions for a diverse range of areas related to the healthcare services like assisting of the staff in the training and education of these members and marketing and promotion of the healthcare institutions too providing competent and affordable social media marketing services. The business would first start with the outsourcing of HR only but would like to diversify its operations later by furnishing a complete HR social media solution to the clients by helping in employee database handling, recruitment, selection and so on.

3)Sequence of Operations



For the healthcare institutions,(B2B shown in blue) the gaps in the existing supply of the various medical practitioners and the minimum required number of the practitioners to serve the targeted community members will be traced and then the corresponding jobs will be advertised on the social media platform after organizing them into various subgroups according to the profile of the candidate, remuneration offered and similar other criteria. These applications will be checked for inconsistencies while the time the application is furnished as well as once all the jobs have been furnished after the scheduled deadline. All the applicants for the different jobs would be scrutinized and filtered according to the screening guidelines prescribed by the client institution. Once the applications are sorted in decreasing order of preference the applicants are required to submit the scanned copies of their testimonials electronically and after the candidates with the inaccuracies in their applications are filtered out, the rest of the screened candidates are sent an intimation for the interview and those who qualify the interview as well are finally informed to report to the concerned organization. The organization will also compile the list of the individuals who register them on the social media website and intimate them regarding the upcoming job opportunities through personalized communication. This activity can be done in parallel to the steps taken in for serving the institutional clients (B2C shown in orange).

  1. b) All the above-mentioned activities will be conducted electronically through a centrally located office by utilizing appropriate software tools and applications. The company will handle most of its operations from the head office and the services shall be offered and maintained through an auxiliary website that will provide an interface for establishing contacts and delivering services to the client institutions. The social media application that facilitates the entire operation will be internally managed by the employees of this central office. Apart from the software experts, a team of marketing personnel would be entrusted a responsibility to liaison with the client healthcare institutions.

4)    Organizational structures

  1. a) The company will have a matrix structure where in one department will look after the needs of the institutional clients that serve the healthcare requirements of the community members and the other department will look after the needs of the individual clients. Each Department will have a Senior Vice President. The departments would be responsible for the individual tasks while the organization will be centrally governed with the high-level executives making the decisions and passing them down for implementation.
  2. b)   The matrix structure is chosen for the reason that it combines the best features of the vertical and horizontal structures both. The departmentalization of the tasks makes it easier to control effectively. One common head governing the company will ensure unity of command and better control.






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